October 26, 2015

Meet Logan, East Garrison’s first baby

Logan William Buenrostro, born July 18th, is the first baby to be born to an East Garrison family. And he’s already enjoying the neighborhood. His parents, Danielle and Michael Buenrostro, have him out and about, taking advantage of the beautiful East Garrison weather.

“Our home has an outdoor room, which we just love,” commented Danielle. “We have some rocking furniture out there, and we can sit with the baby and visit with neighbors. It’s just great for Logan to get fresh air and a change of scenery. We’re really in a sweet spot in terms of weather—it’s so much nicer than the North Carolina summers I’m used to.”


Danielle met Michael while he was stationed in North Carolina while in the U.S.Army. After his deployments in Afghanistan, the couple wanted to put down roots, and the Monterey Area was a natural choice for Michael, a Castroville native.

The Buenrostros have lived at East Garrison for one year. Thinking they might be starting a family, they selected the Hartford Plan in the Heritage Collection. Even with family visiting to help out when Logan was born, there was plenty of room for all.

Danielle especially likes the open kitchen/family room, so she can keep an eye on Logan while she’s cooking.

“The kitchen island makes it a great gathering place,” Danielle noted. “When people come over, everyone just loves hanging out there. It’s really the heart of the home.”

We can just imagine little Logan in about six years doing his homework while his parents get dinner ready—all sharing the events of the day. Until then, our sincere congratulations to the Buenrostro family!