June 6, 2014

How a First Time Buyer Found His Dream Home at East Garrison

When Todd Sargot got the call from his daughter telling him she was moving home for a while, his first thought was how exciting it would be to have his grandson around to hang out with. His second thought was that he was going to need a bigger house!

Todd started researching his next home, and came to a startling discovery…he could buy a brand new home for the same price as renting one! He got prequalified and went about the business of finding the perfect home.

On the way to look at a home for sale, while driving down Reservation Road with his family, he came across the signs for East Garrison. Excited that the development was finally underway, he pulled in to check out the progress.

Todd and his family instantly fell in love with a Monarch collection home at East Garrison. Add in the fact that he could get a beautiful new home with an open floor plan, in a great area, for the same price as renting, and the decision to buy was easy to make.

“I love owning my own home. Having something that is yours makes all the difference. I bought all my own tools, and I learned how to do things around the house. It’s mine. And it’s great,” says Todd.

When asked what his favorite part of his new Monarch home is, he answered, “Funny you should ask. Just the other morning I was sitting in the morning light as the sunlight streamed through the arched window, and I felt at home…so at peace and happy with my new home.”

Todd says his experience working with Benchmark Communities and East Garrison left a lasting impression on him as a first time home buyer. “They were so excited that we were so excited, and they really made us feel like we were welcome to be a part of the building experience. No matter how many times we stopped by wanting to see the progress, they were just as excited and happy to have us there as we were to be there.”

After 30 years of renting in the Monterey area, Todd and his family moved into their new home just before Christmas 2013. The open floor plan, budding community, and being able to own their own home in the Monterey area makes this a happy ending, to a happy story, for some very happy people.

Thanks, Todd, for purchasing your first home from East Garrison. We are honored to have your family as a building block in the foundation of what is sure to be a great community, and we look forward to watching you and your family grow and thrive in your new home.

Visit the East Garrison website today to browse the great variety of homes in the Monarch collection, and sign up for our First-Time Home Buyer Fair and Home Tour and find out how easy it is to own a brand new house in Monterey County!